Samgyetang: What do Koreans crave on a hot summer day?

How's the weather in your country? It's really hot in Korea these days and Koreans usually like to have Samgyetang, also known as ginseng chicken soup! The chicken dish is stuffed with sticky rice, ginseng, jujubes, garlic and other healthy ingredients, which are then slow-cooked. Although it can be enjoyed all year round, it is a summer favorite as it is thought to restore energy!

Place Recommendation

Only carefully selected Korean chickens are mixed with herbal ingredients including sumac, ginseng, and milk vetch root and simmered in sumac extract water. The mixture is simmered down in a pressure cooker to create samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), which has a meaty, crisp taste. It is excellent with such side dishes as chili pickle and radish kimchi. This is an excellent food choice for relieving hangovers.

Price Information (Won)

Jangnoe Sansam Dolsot Samgyetang: 33,000
Sagyejeol Samgyetang: 16,000
Bora Dolsot Otsamgyetang: 14,000

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