Abalone Goodness - Hometown Sancheon 고향산천‬

Have you heard about a Korean food called 'Hyojonggeng (효종갱)'? Hyojonggeng refers to 'soup that you eat the moment you hear the morning bell'~! Located in Namhanseong in Gyeonggi-do, this restaurant known as 'Hometown Sancheon 고향산천‬" is one that you should not miss!

This dish is cooked overnight and when daybreaks after the bell is traditionally rung 33 times (to signify a new day) and some considered to be Korea's first delivery food for the day! :D 

Delicious big-sized abalone!

Mushrooms, abalone, and other healthy ingredients are added in this dish, making it not only a yummy but also nutritious! Don't you feel hungry at the look of it now? *Yummmm*

Click here to find it's location on the map: https://goo.gl/0orwul


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  1. how can i go to this place? what is the nearest train station?