Hawaii of Ansan - Daebudo Island 대부도

Daebudo is the largest island next to Ansan. Daebudo was an island before it became a part of mainland through the construction of Sihwa Embankment. Still, Daebudo retains the ambiance of an island. The West Sea has regular repeated high and low tides. The wetland gets richer thanks to the tides occurring twice a day regularly, and Daebudo Island is an attractive tourist site that offers many things to see and enjoy.

Haeseonggil - Picture taken from: http://www.korea.net
 This island also have many beautiful spot to see, you can walk all around the Haesolgil. It covers the very northern part of the island and connects to the small island on the north by a  wooden bridge.

Picture taken from: http://www.johnsteelephoto.com 
Picture taken from: http://www.johnsteelephoto.com
Daebudo is also an attractive tourist site that offers many things to see and enjoy.  The shores of Daebudo are full of clams, sea snails, goby, flounder, black rockfish and belly greenling. 

Picture taken from: http://www.johnsteelephoto.com
The Daebudo area is also famous for its local specialties: short-necked clams and oysters on Yukdo, fermented turban shells and natural dunggeulle tea on Pungdo, and bajirak kalguksu (noodle with short-necked clams). You may also find more information here.
[Korean] 경기도 안산시 단원구 대부동동 1-1
[English] 1-1, Daebudong-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

By subway, get off at Oido Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) and Exit 2.
Cross the road outside the station, and take Bus No. 790 and get off at Bukdong 3-way Intersection (북동3거리정류장) bus stop.

Admission Fees:
Adults 8,000 won / 7,000 won for groups of 20 or more


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