Suwon Chicken Alley

Fried chicken is one of Korea's most popular snack to eat while drinking beer. In fact, when it appeared on a Korean drama "My Love from Another Star" - it created a "Chi-Maek" (chicken and beer) sales phenomenon in China!

The scene that started the Chi-maek craze

Chicken places are scattered in almost every corner in South Korea - most especially at the backdoor gates of universities. For those who have been to Korea for a long period. there is no doubt that he/she have experienced drinking out and munching crispy fried chicken while chattering with their seniors and/or colleagues. For some reasons, one is able to eat a whole box of fried chicken here in Korea without noticing it. Yes, it is quite addictive.

Chicken vendors on street/alleys in South Korea

You can get a box of chicken just by a phone call for a "taekbae" (delivery) but, here in Suwon, there is a very special alley where chicken restaurants with 40 years’ tradition are congregated in. Whole chicken fried in an iron pot in a traditional way is really crispy and crunchy, with generous servings sold at a very low price. Each restaurant serves its unique sauce, attracting many customers at nighttime and on weekends. Some stores sell only take-out chicken. Suwon citizens call this popular area “
Chicken Intersection.”

Chicken Intersection in Suwon

Check out our recommended chicken place and enjoy your Chi-Maek session!

Jinmi Tongdak: +82-31-255-3401
Jangan Tongdak: +82-31-252-5190
Yongseong Tongdak: +82-31-242-8226

Traditional/Fried Chicken
KRW 13,000

Seasoned Chicken 

KRW 14,000

AddressPaldallo-1ga, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si
Directions: 10min. by walking from Suwon Station, exit no.5

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