Icheon Cerepia

Cerepia, which is a combination of ceramic and Utopia, refers to a utopia made up of ceramic. A ceramic theme park with a new concept, the Cerapia is located in Icheon, and it is a space for visitors to see, enjoy and learn ceramic and a complex cultural space for ceramist to perform creative activity. 

Built from ceramists’ long-term defective stock, lower-grade products that are unable to be sold due to defect, or debris which had to be discarded; a unique world where everything including bench, table, interior and exterior of building & model are made and formed of ceramics!

Composed of 4 exhibition rooms, Cerepia keeps and exhibits 1,300 articles owned by the Korea Ceramics Foundation. It is World Ceramic Art Museum in complex concept that has a function of education, academy and rest, e.g., library specialized in ceramics, Mangwondang and space for complex conference, Manhakdang.

Even if you are not a fan of ceramics, this is also a great place for great photography taking due to the impressive art installations as well as spacious outdoor garden and vibrant atmosphere.

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