Healing Time: Gyeonggi Camping Festival in Pocheon

Exploring Pochoen at Bidulginang Falls

As you might have seen on my facebook the past weekend me and 4 other GG supporters spend two days and a night at Gyeonggi Camping Festival in Pocheon. It was my first time camping in Korea and the first time in a long long while time not being in a city area and it was quite litteraly refreshing; and here is why.

But first... Lunch

If you go eating with a bunch of bloggers, this will happen.

We met up at 10 in the morning and after an initial hour long subway ride, and  driving for a while all of us were ready for our first stop. Mushroom Shabu Shabu at Beoseotgol Iseulbi Garden. 

Mushroom Shabu Shabu

Did you know that besides gingseng, apples and grapes Pocheon is also famous for it's mushrooms? The little pictures I have of this delicious food proofs why! We ate to our hearts content. Honestly the pictures don't do the food justice, but I was to busy enjoying the different varieties of mushrooms and the many many vegetables to feel bothered to take many pictures.

Bidulginang Falls

After lunch we went to Bidulginang campsite to drop off our stuff and we went straight for Bidulginang Falls. Bidulginang Falls is the 6th scenic view from pocheon City, a Korea's National Cultural Heritage. You however, might know beautifull sight from dramas such as It's okay, it's love and many others.

6th Scenic view: Bidulginang Falls

Blogger perspective again.
We were lucky enough to be able to take a look into the valley, hence the helmets to protect us from possible falling stone. And even though we were surrounded by other people taking pictures. Being able to see this gorgeous view from upclose made me feel really small and humble.

Don't forget to look up when visiting the falls.

 Uncheon Traditional Market

show some love for Uncheon Traditional Market Photo Credit Williams Nana Kyei
After enjoying this piece of beautiful nature we went to Uncheon Traditional Market. We split up in two teams and each team got a limited amount of money to buy ingredients to cook with for the potluck party. There was a friendly yet competitive tension as each team picked their ingredients and started cooking.

Cooking time, camping style. Photo Credit Williams Nana Kyei

Pitch High and Campfire dinner

Pitch High in Action

Even though we spend what felt like hours peeling apples and cooking pancakes. Real dinner wasn't served until after we got to enjoy an amzaing performance by a very new quarted called Pitch High. We were lucky enough to have them join us for barbeque dinner where we talked until the fire couldn't warm us anymore.
enjoying a private peformance. Photo Credit Williams Nana Kyei

Goodmorning Pocheon

The next morning I was greeted by fresh air and a gorgeous view of the mountains surounding us. Besides the cold and short night I felt refreshed and ready to start school again. But first we of course had to pack our and get ready to for the ride back to Seoul.

Packing. Photo Credit: Williams Nana Kyei
As you might be able to tell, I thoroughly enjoyed my short stay at the Pocheon. Even though we had a busy schedule  I felt refreshed and recharged and I can't wait for another trip to explore more of the beautiful wonders this place can bring us.

Check out the Pocheon tag on the GGtour website if you are also interested in visiting this gorgeous place.

Love, Wietske

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