Feeling Evergreen in Everland

One of the popular photo zones for group photo!

We got off the tour bus at exactly 13:48 on 17th August, 2015. It was the first field trip for Gyeonggi tourism reporters (GG Supporters), to one of the famous tourist attractions in the city of Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.
I was feeling all cheery when we arrived. I screamed – “Everland, here I am, finally!!”. With my camera hung around my left arm, I decided to swagger in front of the packed buses as if the world was in my pocket.
It didn’t take 10 second when I heard the other colleagues calling my name to run to them.
Oh silly me! I thought we had reached. Not knowing, we had to commute on another shuttle bus to the main venue. If you are new in Korea, this theme park would be among the top suggestive sites anyone would recommend. So, it was a highly anticipated trip for me. I wanted to feel it too.
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Everland is inundated with various exhilarating activities all year long. It also houses a water park named “Caribbean Bay”, a resort ‘Home bridge’ a public golf course, museums, a Zootopia, a secret garden and national treasures.
The other themes you can enjoy are Global Fair, American adventure, Magic land and European adventure. What actually draws visitors to Everland is its diversity of activities and sites, to satisfying all your fantasies; either with friends or families.

The Zootopia also keeps more than 2,000 animals including a ‘Lost valley’ safari where you can see wild animals. There are sky cruises, restaurants, shopping centers, souvenirs shops and exhibitions to feed your sight.

The hotspot at Everland is the roller-coaster called ‘T-Express’, made entirely of wood. Yes, it is a wooden coaster. No wonder it was ranked 4th in 2006 by Forbes as most welcoming. It is unbelievable how this coaster was magnificently constructed, dropping to a 77 degrees angle. It is something you must try. The feeling would never leave you. T-express is for people who are dauntless. 

Everland will surely make you feel younger with all the fun activities and roller-coasters to ride.
Enjoy the photos!
How to get there? 
1) By Bus 

2) By Subway
Get off at Jeondae/Everland Station (Yongin-Everline). It takes 30 minutes from Giheung Station to Jeondae Everland Station (last stop) on the Yongin Ever Line. Exit 3 to take the shuttle bus (free of charge) from subway station to Everland or Caribbean Bay.

3) By Shuttle Bus (Separate fees)
Time: Approx. 40~50 minutes
- Bus fare: 12,000 won (round trip)
- Inquiries: 82-32-322-7001 * Prior booking required *
- Homepage: www.daesungtour.co.kr/sub3.php
Disclaimer: Transportation information adapted from Everland.


This article is adapted and extracted from one of our GG Supporters, Williams Kyei.
For the full post, please check out his post here.

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