Touring Korea - Dumulmeori & Semiwon

Of all the touristic destinations in Korea, Dumulmeori is the only site where two rivers (Bukhan and Namhan) converge to form Korea’s iconic River ‘Hangang’ popularly known as 'Han River’. This iconic merger provides one of the best scenic view of the Hangang River.
There is also an ancient tree, called Zelkova tree which is believed to be over 400 years old. The area has increasingly become a beguiling spot for ecological tourism and a popular location for shooting various Korean TV and dramas.
Semiwon is a water and flower swamp garden adjacent to the Dumulmeori viewing bridge. It boasts of colourful and blossoming lotus flowers in summer, usually from June to August. 
Another spotlight in the Semiwon Garden is the Jangdokdae fountain consisting of 365 pots/jars. In the midst of the pot fountains are four trees, symbolizing the four seasons of Korea.
It was such an eye-opener to listen to the docent tour guide explain about the history behind the fountain.

If you're looking for some healing and relaxing place during your trip to Gyeonggi-do, don't forget to
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