Magical Gwangmyeong Cave

Have you ever been to a cave? Thinking it's all too cold and dark? At Gwangmyeong Cave in Gyeonggi-do, you can forget about all that! The cave has become a place for performances, exhibitions, and hands-on experience, in addition to being a visitor destination in itself as a cave!

Visitor attractions at the cave include: Light Space, Cave Art Center, Cave Aqua World, Golden Road, Golden Waterfall, Cave Underground World, and Wine Cave. The cave also has Elephant Vehicle Aixia and offers hands-on experience of collecting gold. The cave is a perfect tourist destination for every season but as a cool place (12℃ on average), it is a nice place to visit in summer.

If you're familiar with the love locks found at N Seoul Tower, this is a similar concept of it, found at the Gwangmyeong Cave! Here are some handwritten notes by visitors who had written, forming a spectacular display segment!

The City of Gwangmyeong took safety measures for the closed mine and turned it into a tourist destination in 2011. The gold hammer and ingot held by the statue Aixia erected at the cave are said to give you the Midas Touch. The place has come to enjoy higher popularity since the TV program Running Man, which was shot here, was aired this year.

What's more? The cave is located within an hour’s drive (or a subway) from either Seoul or Incheon International Airport! 

How to get there?
From KTX Gwangmyeong Station, you can get on the Bus No. 17 bound for Gwangmyeong Cave, which is at the last bus stop.

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