Best Fusion Dish: Uijeongbu Budae-jjigae

“Budae” from budae-jjigae refers to an army base. Budae-jjigae literally means “army basejjigae (stew).” In the aftermath of the Korean War, food was scarce everywhere except on army bases. The dish was born when sausages from army bases were mixed with kimchi, gochujang (chili pepper paste), tteok(rice cake), and fresh vegetables to create a spicy, flavorful stew.

What’s unique in Uijeongbu budae-jjigae is that the main ingredients (ham, sausage, and minced beef) are simmered in spicy meat stock along with chewy noodles. The unique taste, abundant nutrition, and inexpensive price have made the dish a representative Korean dish. Beloved by Korean and international tourists alike, this fusion dish represents the best of what the East and the West can offer.

Recommended places:

·  Gyeongwon Restaurant | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 1282-31-846-5464

·  Boyeong Restaurant | Taepyeong-ro 133-beongil 2682-31-842-1129

·  Yangji Restaurant | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 2682-31-848-6792

·  Yangju Restaurant | Taepyeong-ro 137-beongil 2782-31-846-3421

·  Odeong Restaurant | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 782-31-842-0423

·  Hyeongne Restaurant | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 982-31-846-4833

·  Chingune Restaurant | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 1682-31-842-0331

·  Myeongseong Budae Jjigae | Hoguk-ro 1309-beongil 582-31-846-2335

·  Uijeongbu Myeongmul Jjigae | Hoguk-ro 1279-beongil 2682-31-846-9977

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