PyeongTaek; fun and delicious...

PyeongTaek; fun and delicious...
Last week we had fun and exactly delicious trip with GG supporters.
Pyeongtake Lake
Firstly, we visited Ansan Gingko Tree Road. It’s a pure nature and dreamy scenery. You can date with your boy/girlfriend here or hang out with your friends also taking good photoshots. All the photos we took was so good here. And i saw on online; it’s possible to make concept photoshoots – like wedding or family- here. It’s summer now so the trees are so green and it makes cool weather when you walk under. But best season to visit is between September-November cause fallen leaves. I’m gonna add that season photos also. The road is in front of HyeunChungsa Temple and in these days going on an public art Project by Asan Made. When you visit you’ll see on the road that grafitti arts. It’s good.

on November

And, we stoped at very delicious korean restaurant. All the foods were amazing. If you visit around you should stop for meal here too.

Our second place was Pyeongtake Lake. The weather was so good on that day so scenery was good also. when you arrive the feeling is like you’re near the sea more than lake. And, ı saw there are water sport complex around so you can ride jet-ski or wind-kiting. Also, the place like a open museum there are lots of art pieces outside that’s good for good photo shots^^ look at us^^

Later, we saw a korean traditional music performance all together. Actually, i’m not interested in but this time the player Choi Tae Young was so good at Chuno’s soundtrack title. It made me really deep.

The last point was Pyeongtaek International Market. The market was mixture of new and old style. It was new when you first in with shopping street but then inside of street you find traditional part – foods ext.-. If you live around it’s good spot to shop with large scale. You can find easily global brands. The one made me shock i saw Colgate toothpaste that i use and bring my stuff from hometown.

It was really good day with my foreigner friends and also for this time korean friends. Being together helps to understand a culture more fun.

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