Jebu Island: the Coastal Walk of Korea

Jebudo Island is a popular tourist destination on Korea’s west coast where a sand bank appears as if the ocean is split into two. The sand bank, which looks especially beautiful under the sun, can be crossed by car but is better enjoyed on foot. Restaurants and accommodation dot the coastal road. Don’t forget to visit the Coastal Walk, a deck path across the ocean. The large seashell-shaped structure is a popular photo spot. Grilled clams and spicy seafood stew made from fresh seafood are must-try dishes for anyone who visits the island. The sand bank surfaces twice a day. Check the tides in advance when planning a visit.

Jebu Land

Jebu Land is a small amusement park on the Coastal Road. It may not be as shiny or new as the larger theme parks, but there is something about its gaudiness that triggers feelings of nostalgia. The Taga Disco (a ride similar to UFO), Viking, and Bumper Cars are the undisputed ‘big three’ most popular rides. If you have confidence in your throwing ability, try winning a stuffed doll.

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