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Gyeonggi Supporters program (#GyeonggiSupports2015 #GGSupprters2015) is an initiative taken by the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization #GTO in Korea (  to promote the tourism in the region, The Gyeonggi-Do Province.  GTO is a governmental organization supported by the provincial government and it aims to establish Gyeonggi as one of the dynamic business event destinations in the country.

Geographically, Gyeonggi-do surrounds Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea and is the center and the economic hub of the country. With two airports and two ports, it allows easy access to any city in Northeast Asia within two hours. Gyeonggi-do is where the tour in Korea begins. (Source:

GTO has inducted nearly 65 international students currently residing in South Korea as “Gyeonggi Supporters for the year 2015”. These supporter, as the ambassadors of their countries” shall promote the cultural, traditional and scenic peculiar attraction of the province to their compatriots and all those people across the globe who have got some passion for travelling and appreciating the beauty of the nature.

As part of our program, we set out on our first “Fam Tour” (Familiarization Tour) to the Yeoncheon. On July 30, 2015, we left for Yeoncheon-gun from Seoul Station early in the morning via DMZ train. The DMZ-Train allows tourists to travel through Korea’s untouched natural landscape and historical landmark that is the Korean Demilitarized Zone.  The DMZ-Train is made up of 3 compartments in total with exterior signage reading “Peace, Freedom and Unity” on each car. The lead car’s design inspiration came from a rusty steam locomotive, conjuring up images of hope and memories of the past. The other two cars represent “Freedom and Unity” and are decorated with the national flower Mugunghwa ( for further detail please visit: It is approximately a 2 hour travel by train from Seoul Station to Sintan-ri Station in Yeonchon. Sintan-ri Station used to be in North Korean  territory when the country was first divided after the Second World War. However, following the Korean War, it became part of the South’s territory. It is located 4km away from the armistice line, and is now the final station of the Gyeongwon Railroad Line, which starts in Seoul.

For detail about DMZ train: please visit

Upon our arrival at the destination, we rushed to a nearby Korean traditional food restaurant and helped ourselves with the delicious and luscious menu for the lunch. I was so glad that we had reserved a ride on Tour Bus during our entire trip in Yeoncheon. The first spot we visited during the day was Jaein Falls.  Jaen falls offer a pretty scenic view and calm and serene atmosphere around to enjoy ones leisure day trip in the region. Apart from its intrinsic appeal, the Jaein Falls is also popular in Korean folklore for legends about a village magistrates’ liking for Jaein’s, a tightrope walker, beautiful wife. Rumors has it that one day during the regular performance by Jaein, magistrate secretly resorts to cut the rope while Jaein still walking it and thus Jaein falls to his death.

Jaein Falls are regardes as  Yeoncheon-gun’s represtive tourist attraction, visited by tourists all year round appreciating for their clear water and beautiful surroundings.

Yeoncheon-gun is also home to Korea’s largest prehistory meseum, The Jeongok prehistory Museum. Designed by the French Company X-TU, the Tubular, curved surface of the building harmonizes nicely with the topography, while the shiny exterior of the stainless steel building is designed to reflect the surrounding natural environment.

The Herb Village offers visitors beautiful scenery with an open view of the Imjingang river, and aromatic gardens of herbs and flowers. The Herb village is composed of a lavender field, an herb garden with some 100 species of herbs as well as various species of birds including canaries and Java sparrows.

We also visited around The Taepung Observatory. The Taepung Observatory is only 800m away from the armistice line , 1.6km from a North Korean guard post, and 40km from Pyeongyang. Ther observatory is actually closer to Pyeongyang, North Korea’s capital, than it is to Seoul. From here, visitors can observe North Korean farmland and even some parts of Gaeseong city. The observatory displays some items used by North Koreans in their daily lives

GG Supporter: Akram Khan
All texts and images are owned by the GG supporter stated above.

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