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Not a fan of mushrooms? I think it's time to change your mind. Mushroom have a very high nutritional value - in fact, edible mushrooms are the leading source of antioxidants which helps strengthen our body's immune system. Mushrooms are also told to be efficient to those who are conscious about their weight as it makes you full despite not eating a full-course meal. Still not convinced? Well, you better head out to Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do - for this place is well known for their mushroom farming - or should we say, mushroom cooking ;)

Shabu-shabu ingredients with a variety of mushrooms

Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do is famous for its mushrooms. There is a popular restaurant called 'Mushroom Gol"! It is known for mushroom shabu-shabu (hotpot), which has a very tasty soup base and had won cooking competition.

Of course, you will always have the option to eat meat :)

You can get nutritious mushrooms and become more energetic! Do visit if you ever go traveling to Pocheon! 

Gyeonggi-do, Pocheon-si, Yeongjung-myeon, Seongdong-ri, 97-4

How to get there:
1. Take a bus at the Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal 동서올정합터미널
2. Get off at Ir-dong 일동 bus stop.
3. From the bus stop, walk for 2 minutes towards Ir-dong일동 bus terminal.
4. Take the the Bus #66-2 towards Yang-mun 1-ri terminal 양문1리터미널
5. Get off at Seongdong 4ri - Paju-gol 성동4리 파주골
6. Walk for about 4 minutes and you will reach 버섯골이슬비가든 the restaurant.

Pocheon is a city located at the middle area of the Korean Peninsula. Apart from the mushroom hotpot, Pocheon has also several tourists spots where you can enjoy. These are Herb Island, Pocheon View Garden, Sanjeong Lake, and many more. If you need healing before the semester starts, Pocheon is probably one of your best option.


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