2015 Icheon Rice Festival

Korea's staple food is rice and it is very important. Do you know, Icheon Rice is considered the best variety of rice in terms of taste, because of the region's favorable climate for the harvest of rice! According to historical records, King Seongjong of the Joseon Dynasty, while staying in Icheon after visiting the tomb of King Sejong, liked the taste of Icheon rice. Thus, since then, Icheon rice had been served on the king’s table. 

Hot steaming white grain rice

Lots of fun activities await!

From October 21 to October 25, the Icheon Rice Cultural Festival will be held. It is a venue for experiencing Incheon’s excellent-quality rice and autumn harvest, which is the best part of the farming culture. The name of the festival has been changed from its original name of Icheon Farmers’ Festival, which began in 1999, to Icheon Newly Harvested Rice Festival in 2001, and then to its current name of Icheon Rice Cultural Festival as an appropriate regional festival. 

The festival will be a good occasion for children and youth to experience the traditional farming culture and for older people to feel nostalgic and have a fun time with their children. In addition, customers can directly meet the producers of Icheon Rice and buy at a reasonable price! :)

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