Bajirak Kalguksu 바지락 갈국수

As the weather is getting colder these days in Korea, many people are craving for some warm Korean food for meals these days. Today's post, we will be introducing one popular dish that is favored by many locals - Kalguksu 갈국수. Literally, the dish means knife-cut noodles, or in other words, hand-rolled Korean noodles. 

In Daebudo Island in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, there is a famous restaurant that serves this dish. Known as 'Bajirak Kalguksu', this is the specialty dish of the restaurant. Bajirak 바지락 is a type of clam and with this additional topping, somehow the kalguksu tastse even better than it already is!

Served with the specialty topping - Bajirak 바지락 (a type of Korean clam)
Don't it just look so yummy? This is a popular dish to have nowadays as a bowl of warm delicious broth is irresistible in such chilly weather! The restaurant also serves crispy seafood pancake and yummy Boribap 보리밥 (also known as Barley Rice). 

Huge golden crispy seafood pancake

Combination of the Bajirak Kalguksu and Seafood Pancake!
Kimchi side dishes & Boribap

Take a little of each and mix them together

Delicious Boribap is ready to be served!
If you're a seafood lover, you'll definitely have to visit here! If you do not fancy noodles too much, there is always the rice or seafood pancake options that are all-time favorites by most locals as well. For more info, check out our website here! 

We hope you have a filling trip to Ansan~!


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