Myeongseongsan Mountain 명성산

Silver Grasses at Myeongseongsan Mountain
As there are many mountains in Korea that offer beautiful sceneries, hiking is a fun and healthy activity that many Koreans enjoy doing. Especially during autumn, many mountains in Korea are listed as top fall foliage destinations. Unlike the usual autumn leaves, Myeongseongsan Mountain in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province is especially famous for the dense silver grasses. Every year, the Silver Grass Festival has been held since October 1997! 

Panoramic View from the Peak 

At 906m peak of the mountain 

One funfact - Myeongseongsan Mountain (923m above sea level) and its peak (Samgakbong) are within Cheorwon’s jurisdiction, it is widely considered part of Pocheon because the entrance to the mountain is in Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon. 

Myeongseongsan refers to ‘mountain of tears.’ Legend has it that Gung Ye fled here after being defeated by King Taejo of Goryeo (or Wang Geon) and cried openly! 

Autumn leaves are also present at Myeongseongsan Mt.

Take a right at the forked road in the silver grass field to go to the summit of Myeongseongsan Mountain or take a left at the forked road and walk down for about an hour to visit Jainsa Temple. The straight pine trees on the way to the temple create a beautiful spectacle.  The straight pine trees on the way to the temple create a beautiful spectacle. Don't you feel like going for a hike after seeing these pictures? :)

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