Bojeong-dong Cafe Street, Yongin

Delicious Brunch Set
Are you a fan of brunch cafes or simply cafes in general? Introducing a famous cafe street in Bojeong-dong, Yongin, this is also the filming location for popular Korean drama - "A Gentleman's Dignity".

There are tons of cafes here for you to choose from.  How about having a cup of hot (or ice) Americano and some delicious waffle or pancake drizzled with honey? :)

Glass of Ice Americano or Hot Latte ? :)
Pancakes - Ideal for breakfast or brunch! 
One of the many cozy cafes that you can find in Bojeong-dong, Yongin! 

Amongst the cafes, there are also fashion boutique stores, or pop-up handmade accessories stores~!

Sometimes, you may spot the residents of the neighborhood gathered together for some one-day class (i.e. flower arrangement) in cafes here! :)

If you are a big fan of cafes, this is a definite worthy visit cafe street in Korea! Spend a day relaxing and chilling over a drink with your friends at one of these cafes, or simply have a cafe-hopping trip as part of your travel itinerary! 

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