Temple Stay at Gyeonggi-do

Have you heard about Temple Stay programs? As most of you would know, there are many famous and popular mountains just around the vicinity of Seoul, in Gyeonggi Province that you can not only breathe in fresh air but also enjoy a picturesque view of the Mother Nature. Plus, you may also take part in temple stay programs that are available! 

Participants can learn more about Buddhism and the various temple etiquettes right at any one of the temples that provide the Temple Stay program.

Learning to find peace and enlightenment during the Buddhist service.

Paying respects to the famous Buddha statue at the temple site.

One of the 'highlights' of the Temple Stay program is the temple cuisine. Not only do you learn to keep a healthy mind, you will also learn to appreciate the fresh and healthy Buddhist vegetarian meals served here.

If you're looking to take a break from the busy city life, and do not wish to travel too far out from Seoul, try experiencing a relaxing stay at a temple in Gyeonggi-do! For a list of Temple Stay programs available, check out our website here: 


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