A Trip to Yeoncheon County

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Yet another trip with GG Suppporters! This time, we went to Yeoncheon-gun, which is located nearby the DMZ. The KORAIL railroad line connecting Seoul, South Korea, with North Korea is also located there. It was an exciting 2 days 1 night trip; we visited several places as follows: Herb Village, Jeongokri Paleolithic Site, Mt. Godaesan, and Goryeo Garden.

Herb Village

The Herb Village in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do Province gives a splendid view of Imjingang River. This beautiful oasis is perfect for a relaxing day out of Seoul with the whole family. Colorful flowers, wooden benches, original statues, and a beautiful landscape decorate the whole space of the garden. 

Besides, there is also a place where you can experience how to make oil, lip balm, and soap. That day we made our own muscle-reliever oil with the ingredients below :)

Prehistoric Site in Jeongok-ri

The Jeongok-ri Prehistoric Site , is a prime site on the Korean peninsula for the study of Paleolithic relics, and was unearthed after the discovery of a stone implement by an American soldier who was visiting an amusement park near Hantangang River in the winter of 1978. It was identified as an Acheulean Paleolithic stone implement by an expert, and gained the attention of experts from around the world. 

We experienced building a primitive house and also making  an Acheulean Paleolithic stone and used it to peel potato. It was kind of hard, haha.. And also we had pork bbq there

BBQ Pork on Skew

Camping Resort at Mt. Godaesan

Godaesan Mountain (832 meters) is located next to Sintalli Station, which is the railroad disconnection point of the Gyeongwon Line. It is also on the way to Geumgangsan Mountain. Godaesan is ideal for mountain hiking because of its natural beauty and well-preserved ecosystem. Moreover, this is the only mountain in South Korea on which the North Korean territory can be seen. 

Night Camping

At the mountain, we were gathering around the campfire, eating some snacks, and also talking to know each other since this is our second or third trip together :). The tent itself is really nice; i would say it is rather a hotel than a tent because inside there, we had everything including fridge, television, heater, etc. hahaha

Camping Site

Sunguijeon Goryeo Cultural Festival at Goryeo Garden

Actually we did not do much here, just walking around the garden and sightseeing of hanok (Korean traditional house). There were also some stands introducing Korean arts like origami, lantern making, and Korean traditional printing technique.

We had a very special and delicious lunch there. Bulgogi, tofu, and various kind of Korean side dishes. It´s worth a try! :)

How to get there?
From Soyosan Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) to 
  • Herb village: Take Gyeongwon line commuter train bound for Jeongok Station
  • Prehistoric Site at Jeongok-ri: Take the Gyeongwon Line at Dongducheon station on line 1
  • Mt. Godaesan: Go to exit 1, cross the street and take Bus 39-2 and get off at the entrance of Godaesan Mountain (64 bus stops away)

This article is adapted and extracted from one of our GG Supporters, Sigmund Dick.
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