A Glimpse of Korea - Gwangmyeong Traditional Market

A glimpse of Gwangmyeong Traditional Market
Markets are often sought as the heartbeat of a country, far different from visiting museums, national monuments, or historical palace. Here you can feel and see the glimpse of the locals everyday life, complete with the busy, messy, malleable, aesthetic, and vibrant ambiance. Piles of fruits and vegetables of endless shapes and colors, various stands sells local tapestries, textiles, blankets, fish, butchers, you can get them all here with nice bargain. I can spend hours here get lost and watch this unique scenes.

Entrance to Gwangmyeong Market

Not all market were suggested to foreigners for some reasons, considering their overall facility and the products offered. Gwangmyeong market is one of the markets that gone through remodeling from the small five day market to pleasant and convenient market with more than 350 stalls in it.

Typical view of a wet market
The fresh green vegetables 
Bright and yummy looking fruits
Korean Ricecake, Songpyeon (Usually eaten during Chuseok) sold here for only 2000 won 
Tteok-galbi sold for 1,000 won per patty.
My two personal favorites - Songpyeong (Korean ricecake) and tteok-galbi. The tteok-galbi store has been opened for 35 years!

Side dishes also known as 'banchan' 
 Korean glazed fried chicken, Dak-ganjeong 

This market is so huge and and sells almost everything that a local household may need, from groceries to snacks and even cosmetic or beauty products! It takes me more than an hour to explore the whole complex! Besides the usual big traditional markets that are already well-known to foreigners in Seoul, you may want to visit  Gwangmyeong Traditional Market to feel and experience the true local culture of the Korean citizens! :)

How to get here?
By Bus (in Gwangmyeong): 1, 11-1, 11-2, 12, 22, 27, 39
By Buses (from Seoul) : 6615, 6616, 6619, 6637, 6638, 6639
By Subway : Gwangmyeong Sageori Station (Line 7),  Exit 9 and 10 
Walk straight for around 50m you will find the entrance to the market.

Address: Ori-ro964bungil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do Province
Contact : Gwangmyeong Traditional Market Cooperative +82-2-2614-0006
Website: http://blog.naver.com/kmmarket901 (Korean only)


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