Provence Village in Paju City

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Thinking of a place to go for a date? Provence Village might be one of the places that you want to go. It is very romantic and a lot of good places to take photos. Every corner of the Provence Village is a selfie-perfect spot!

Decorated with French styled buildings and interiors, this place is such a wonderful place to go. There are so many shops that you can go to. Ranging from fashion shops (they even have a ZARA outlet), restaurants, cafes, and even ceramics. What else can you ask for? Everything is here. The good news too, Provence Village is just one our away from Seoul! 

Even a ZARA outlet!
Kebabs are also available and popular here!

And there's this one thing that I will never forget in the Provence Village. It is where I have tasted the best garlic bread in my entire life. The bread was made just like a croissant. It was crunchy on the outside but so soft inside. Inside was full of garlic goodness. One bread would cost you around 7000 won (around $7). Too bad me and my friends were on a budget so we had to split one whole to 5 people. Hahahaha. :P 

Ceramics in a lovely environment

Heavenly Garlic Bread 
Wondering how you can get there? Here are the directions as follow:

How to get there? 
By bus, take the Bus No. 200 from Hapjeong Station (Seoul Subway line 2,6), Exit 1 or 2 and get off at Seongdong Intersecion bus stop. Walk for about 10~15min or take a taxi.

Or, take the Bus No. 9709 from Seoul Station (Seoul Subway line 1,4) and get off at Maekgeum-dong bus stop to transfer to Bus No. 2 or 3 and get off at Provence Village bus stop.


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